Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Compliance Policy

1. Introduction:

Starke Financial LLC, doing business as AJWN Consulting (herein referred to as “AJWN Consulting”), is a distinguished provider of digital marketing and lead generation services. This document serves to communicate our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of legal compliance, data protection, and ethical practices throughout all areas of our business.

2. Data Privacy and Security:

AJWN Consulting prioritizes the privacy and security of all data entrusted to us. We handle personal information with the utmost care, aligning our practices with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data protection laws. Our comprehensive security measures include advanced encryption, stringent access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard data from unauthorized access and breaches.

3. Ethical Lead Generation:

At AJWN Consulting, we are dedicated to upholding ethical and transparent lead generation practices. Our diverse array of digital marketing strategies ensures honesty and respect for the privacy of potential leads. We strictly avoid misleading advertising and deceptive content in all our campaigns.

4. Consent and Opt-Out:

We ensure that explicit consent is obtained from individuals before including them in our lead generation programs or sending them marketing communications. AJWN Consulting provides clear and straightforward opt-out options in all communications, enabling individuals to easily withdraw their consent and cease receiving messages from us.

5. Data Accuracy and Quality:

AJWN Consulting is committed to providing leads of the highest accuracy and quality. We conduct regular audits and validations to verify information and ensure its relevance and reliability.

6. Relationship with Clients and Partners:

We strive to maintain transparent and ethical relationships with all our clients and partners. Our contracts clearly outline mutual expectations, including obligations related to compliance and data protection. AJWN Consulting conducts due diligence to ensure that our partners also adhere to high standards of legal and ethical conduct.

7. Monitoring and Auditing:

Our internal compliance team at AJWN Consulting diligently monitors and audits our digital marketing and lead generation practices. This ensures ongoing adherence to legal and ethical standards, and any identified issues are promptly addressed with the necessary corrective actions.

8. Reporting and Rectification:

AJWN Consulting encourages the reporting of any suspected compliance breaches or ethical concerns. Our designated Compliance Officer is available to address such reports, initiate investigations, and ensure appropriate rectification measures are implemented.

9. Training and Awareness:

Comprehensive training on our compliance policies, data protection practices, and ethical standards is provided to all employees and partners of AJWN Consulting. This training is regularly updated to keep our team informed and vigilant.

10. Continuous Improvement:

We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas of our operations. AJWN Consulting regularly reviews and updates its policies and practices to ensure alignment with evolving legal requirements, industry standards, and best practices in digital marketing.

11. Contact Information:

For any inquiries, reports, or concerns related to compliance, data protection, or ethical practices at AJWN Consulting, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 916-500-5011
Address: 1883 W Royal Hunte Dr, Ste 200A, Cedar City, UT 84720

AJWN Consulting
1883 W Royal Hunte Dr, Ste 200A,
Cedar City, UT 84720

[email protected]

This document affirms AJWN Consulting’s dedication to conducting business with integrity, ensuring the protection of data, and adhering to the highest ethical standards in digital marketing and lead generation.

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